How To Choose The Right Light Bulb


Everyone knows that LED light bulbs are the best option for lighting your home nowadays. They are more efficient and can save you hundreds of dollars each year on utility costs. But how do you know what type of LED bulb to choose? Types of LED Bulbs Begin by assessing the location of the [...]

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Legrand – From Standard to Smart Controls


A variety of smart light switches, dimmers and outlets means the perfect solution for every home. Legrand smart lighting solutions fit every lifestyle, application or project. With advanced capabilities including voice and app control, scheduling, and compatibility with leading smart products, Legrand smart lighting solutions deliver the safety, comfort, and convenience your family requires. Explore [...]

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Lutron – Smart Lighting Controls For The Home


With a wide range of smart dimmers, switches, and plugs for indoors and out, Caséta offers a complete smart lighting control system that is also easy to use. Add a Smart Hub for enhanced control of your lights plus thermostats, window shades, Sonos and much more. Because it’s flexible, Caséta allows you to have [...]

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Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting


Working in an underlit kitchen is frustrating. The simple tasks of food preparation – chopping, cooking, and plating – become an inconvenient annoyance. The solution? Undercabinet lighting. The best kitchen lighting includes overhead lighting in combination with surface-directed lighting that is easily mounted on the undersides of cabinets. The types of under cabinet lighting range [...]

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6 Ways to Give Your Charleston Entryway a Romantic Makeover


by Sophia Lopez Who needs an expensive restaurant or walk by the beach when you can create a romantic ambiance right in your home? Charleston’s charm goes well past our main attractions. And with the right touches, it can extend to your home the minute you hit the front door. Here are [...]

6 Ways to Give Your Charleston Entryway a Romantic Makeover2020-04-08T11:06:12-04:00
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