With a wide range of smart dimmers, switches, and plugs for indoors and out, Caséta offers a complete smart lighting control system that is also easy to use. Add a Smart Hub for enhanced control of your lights plus thermostats, window shades, Sonos and much more. Because it’s flexible, Caséta allows you to have as little or as much of a smart home as you want.

Get Connected
Lutron works with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand.

It Just Works
With over 1,000 dimmable bulbs, regular bulbs can now be made smart, starting with control at the switch.

Lutron Smart Lighting Controls


– Gateway system to smart lighting control

– Supports up to 75 devices; start in one room and easily expand into others

– Essential dimmer styles and wireless remotes; available in gloss color finishes

Lutron Smart Lighting Controls

RA2 Select

– Whole home lighting control made simple

– Supports up to 100 devices

– Versatile wireless remote functions as a keypad for scene control

Lutron Smart Lighting Controls

RadioRA 2 

– Expanded wireless whole home lighting control

– Supports up to 200 devices

– Utilizes backlit, custom engraved keypads, customized scene control, and Lutron wireless shades

– Works with Lutron wired and wireless sensors

Lutron Smart Lighting Controls


– Most advanced, luxury whole home system

– Supports up to 10,000 devices

– Offers the most keypad style and color options, as well as customized keypads

– Hidden panels eliminate dimmers and switches on the wall

– Works with Lutron thermostats