Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Bright this Winter

The holidays have come and gone, and we still have several weeks of winter ahead of us. However, with the right lighting, your home can feel warm and bright this winter, even when it’s gloomy outside.

Is “Old Man Winter” Getting You Down?

Between the post-holiday blues and colder weather, it’s quite common to feel a little down-in-the-dumps this time of year.

Sometimes, the shorter, darker days make people feel melancholy. This excessive sadness may be attributed to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can cause depression-like symptoms. Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do to help combat the effects of SAD.

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Home Lighting Ideas for the Holiday Season

This time of year, Perry Como’s words, “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…” ring true for so many of us. After a busy day of holiday shopping or having fun out with friends or family, there’s nothing quite like coming back to a warm, welcoming home.

Choosing the right interior lighting will help to set the tone in your home for the holiday season. Whether you plan to throw festive parties or enjoy a quiet, intimate setting, you’ll want the right decor lighting to set the mood.

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Takeaways from The 2017 Parade of Homes Showhouse

The Nashville 2017 Parade of Homes™ was recently held from October 7th – 22nd in the new Witherspoon subdivision in Brentwood, Tennessee. We were honored to participate as a Showhouse Sponsor.

The gorgeous home was designed by interior designer, Lori Paranjape of redo home + design  and built by Barlow Builders, a boutique custom home builder in middle Tennessee.

The stunning Witherspoon Showhouse debuted to tremendous fanfare in Brentwood, Tennessee – and well beyond!  The 9,097 square foot English Tudor is truly impressive. The impeccably decorated home boasts high-end luxury design, but has plenty of fun touches as well, including handmade wooden swings between the kitchen and breakfast room. There is even a two-story closet with an elevator.

We’re excited to share images with some of our very own lanterns, which are featured in the home’s playroom and exterior.

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Illuminating Ideas for an Outdoor Living Room

Have you dreamt of adding a beautiful outdoor living room to your home? It’s actually become quite common for homeowners to turn a patio, deck or other outdoor space into an additional family room. As well, most people would agree that being able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort is definitely a bonus.

There are so many ways you can spruce up your outdoor living room with modern amenities and beautiful furnishings. With your personal tastes and décor, it will indeed feel as comfortable as your indoor living area. Add stylish lighting and ceiling fans for the finishing touch and voila! You’ll have the gorgeous outdoor living room of your dreams. You’ll also have a cozy outdoor space you can enjoy any time of the year, regardless of the season.

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Your Personal Tour of the 2017 Coastal Living Idea House

We’re so glad to have had the opportunity to participate in Coastal Living’s 2017 Idea House, located in Newport, Rhode Island. As a sponsor, we were among the first to tour the home, and it was a truly exciting opportunity!

As well, we were honored to team up with California designer, Mark D. Sikes, along with other notable vendors and sponsors, to bring this gorgeous coastal home to life. We’re thrilled that the rear terraces of the home feature custom-made lanterns we designed specifically for it.

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Rhapsody in Blue (and White!): A Sneak Peek at the 2017 Coastal Living Idea House

We recently returned from a trip to preview the 2017 Coastal Living Idea House, which is located in the beautiful, historic New England town of Newport, Rhode Island. This year’s idea house is a bay-front home packed with classic style, smart decorating ideas, and a trove of seaside inspiration.

We can assure you if you’ve been leaning towards a coastal look for designing your own home, you’ll be truly inspired by this year’s Coastal Living Idea House. The home offers so many stunning ideas you’re bound to fall in love with.

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The Secret to Picking the Ideal Ceiling Fan

Being practical doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Fortunately, ceiling fans can help you merge aesthetic appeal with comfort-driven functionality.

When it comes to style, you have almost endless choices, from traditional to completely innovative and modern. You’ll be able to find fans that complement the rest of your décor – just choose styles, textures, and finishes that you’ve used in the rest of your home. We’re leaving that under your creative direction as we focus more on functionality this time.


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What Statement Does Your Outdoor Lighting Make?

Some people use outdoor lighting fixtures primarily to fulfill a functional purpose. Others use their exterior illumination to help them make fundamental statements about their design preferences.

It’s up to you where your intentions rest along this spectrum, but why pass up the opportunity to express your style while complementing your home and its architecture as well? Here are some insights into what kind of statements you can make with your choices.

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Modern Farmhouse Style Revealed in Three Simple Steps

In the world of inspired lighting and tasteful home design, Modern Farmhouse style is a well-established favorite. The friendly atmosphere this trend evokes is immediately identifiable to design connoisseurs, but what lies at its heart? Here are the three defining characteristics that you need to know about to understand the ambiance that pervades Modern Farmhouse lighting. 

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The Gold & Black Trend

Wondering what’s new in home decor for 2017? Gold fixtures – including faucets, lighting fixtures and furniture trim – have been making waves for a few years now, and there’s no sign that they’re going to fade out of favor any time soon.

There’s something new with the gold trend, though. In years past it was often paired with white for a fresh, airy look. This pairing spanned everything from beach cottage style to Hollywood Regency looks. And those are great, but have you noticed how amazing gold looks paired with black? Based on the gorgeous new lights at the Dallas International Lighting market in January, it looks like black is the new… black… after all, and it plays very nicely with gold when it comes to the hottest new lighting fixtures.

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