The John Street – Pendant Mount

Base Price: $563.00

John Street, which runs parallel to King Street here in Charleston S.C., serves as the inspiration behind this stunning lantern series. Start building your John Street Pendant Mount lantern below.

The John Street series is only available with a 4 light cluster. Electrical cluster and accents will remain brass.

Custom options available! Please call for more information. 

This product’s lead time is 4-6 weeks.

** Note: product options appear one-by-one as you select your first option: size.


Product Cutsheets for The John Street Pendant Mount:

Download the JS-1 Cut Sheet by clicking here.

Download the JS-2 Cut Sheet by clicking here.

Accessories Options:

Natural Copper Finish:

Natural Copper Finish

Antique Bronze Finish:

Antique Bronze Finish

Powder Coat Black Finish:

Powder Coated Black Finish