Why Copper Lanterns?

Copper is unique.

For centuries copper has been used for outdoor lighting fixtures because of its outstanding beauty, durability, and strength. It is the perfect choice for gas lanterns and all outdoor house lights, as it endures all weather conditions and is virtually maintenance free unlike a brass lantern and other metals. All house light applications, including outdoor entrances, patios, garages, arbors and lampposts are ideal for placement of lanterns.

Copper is superior.

Carolina Lanterns soon learned that outdoor lanterns made of other metals deteriorate, such as brass lanterns, copper stabilizes with age. Metal will rust without a protective coating, and aluminum house lights will deteriorate through electrolytic corrosion, a brass lantern will pit unless maintained through periodic polishing, and a gas light made with stainless steel will stain. Plastic components will degrade due to exposure to UV light. A reproduction of a Carolina Lantern made of copper will last just like those installed in the 1850’s in Charleston, which are still in use today.

Copper is maintenance free.

Due to a natural oxidation process, copper essentially lasts forever. The patina that naturally forms on Carolina Lanterns™, provides a natural barrier to the elements, acts as a protective coating for the copper, and will add a feeling of quality and antiquity to its surroundings. Maintenance of copper lanterns is much easier than brass lanterns, consisting of periodic light cleaning with household soap and water for the glass, and dusting with a dry cloth for the copper.

Copper is a plentiful natural resource.

We are in no danger of running out of copper. Known worldwide resources of this important and valuable metal are estimated at nearly 5.8 trillion pounds, of which only about 12% have been mined throughout history. Nearly all of that 12% is still in circulation because copper’s recycling rate is higher than any other metal.

The Copper used in our Carolina Lanterns is…

  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Enduring
  • Maintenance free


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