COLA-1 Cola Wall Mount COLA-175 Cola Wall Mount COLA-1 Cola Wall Mount with optional Top Loop COLA-1 Cola Wall Mount

The Columbia

Mount Type Model Size Spec
Wall Mount COLA-1 13 X 7½ X 6 Specsheet for COLA-1
  COLA-175 17½ X 10½ X 7¾ Specsheet for COLA-175
  COLA-240 23 x 13½ x 11½ Specsheet for COLA-240

Lantern Features

Gas & Electric • Products Under $400 • Quick Ship Items

Lighting Options

Electric, (Gas -available only in the COLA-175 and COLA- 240)

Glass Options

Tempered Glass, Antique Glass, Seedy Glass, Solid top, Glass top

Mounting options

Wall Mount

Decorative Accessories

Mustache Scroll,Top curl, Full Scroll, Backward scroll

Finish options

Original Copper, Patina Antique, Powder Coated Black


For more information or to arrange an appointment, call a Carolina Lantern Specialist at 1-877-881-4173.


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